Founded in 1945, as a family-owned company and then developed in 1987 by the two brothers Abdel Salam and Abdel Monem Marhaba, under the name of “Marhaba Crystal” and took the Franchise of Asfour Crystal.
The company has expanded to cover all the Lebanese territory and became the competitor of the biggest and best brands, and that is due to the high quality and beauty of its products until we became able to compete with the largest and most important producers in the world.
Marhaba Crystal now has several branches; the main branch is Maarad Street, in Tripoli-Lebanon, the second branch on Mina Street and the third is a huge showroom in Dam w Farez area also in Tripoli. Due to the strong demand for our products from consumers in all the Lebanese regions, Marhaba Crystal opened a branch in Jal el Dib area, Main Road near the Canadian Embassy.
We are ready to commit to large projects such as Churches and Mosques, Palaces, Villas as well as Apartments, and we have already executed several big similar projects.

Contact Us
Branch1: Tripoli,Maarad, Next to Nini Hospital Tel/Fax: 06/442120 Tel: 06/425120
Branch2: Tripoli, Dam w Farez, Rue 32 Tel/Fax: 06/412342 Tel: 06/413000
Branch3: Beirut, Jal el Dib, Main Road Tel/Fax: 04/722 610
Abdel Salam Marhaba: 03/260731

Abdel Monem Marhaba: 03/617829
Email: info@marhabacrystal.com
Website: www.marhabacrystal.com
Facebook Link: www.facebook.com/Marhaba-Crystal-15119866260/?fref=ts